Welcome, My little money slaves. I am Isabelle Shy…some call Me Goddess, some call Me Mistress, but all submit to Me. Are you worthy of My attention? Or are you one of the many worthless insignificant little men that walk the earth?

If you are fortunate enough to be selected as one of My money slaves- your every dime belongs to Me. If you are worthy, I will allow you to shower Me with gifts, pay My bills, pamper and spoil Me ….worship Me as the Goddess that I am. Give Me total control.

My slaves deserve nothing in return for their financial servitude…the pure joy of knowing that you are making Me happy is leaps and bounds beyond any reward that can be given. I deserve to be spoiled, and you deserve the freedom that comes from knowing that every dollar you make, everything that you own, belongs to Me. All My
very good pets, slaves and piggies get to see Me enjoying their tribute in a very sexy video thank you and/or will get to enjoy webcam sessions with Me as a reward.

Those who are not prepared to be owned by Me, but want to give tribute in the form of gifts and $, you will also receive a
video thank you like the ones on My video page.

I am not your typical woman. I am a contradiction, a juxtaposition. I have a deep love for both the macabre and the classically beautiful. I am tough, but enjoy being pampered. A fashion slave's funds are far more likely to be spent on something beautifully vintage or designer latex than on Dolce&Gabbana. I have been involved in the BDSM community since 1999, so not only can I be a pretty pampered princess, but I can push you beyond your limits…make you feel pain and pleasure, fear and adoration. I demand respect, worship and tribute. Do you have what it takes to be Mine?

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You may serve Me in one of the following ways:

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